Drinks with the XX just posted on american songwriter:

Oliver Sim on the band’s collaborative songwriting:

“I don’t see what me and Romy do as singing to one another,  so it doesn’t matter if my input doesn’t completely fit lyrically to what she’s saying, because we’re not singing to one another. We’re kind of seeing what we’re doing as side by side, and crossing paths. So I think that allows us to be a lot more genuine. I don’t have to put myself in her shoes, she doesn’t have to do the same. And yeah, I think that when we meet up, what we do is a case of collaging really.”

On one of his favorite writers:

“One of my favorite songs lyrically, ever, would be a Lauryn Hill’s song called “X Factor.” I respect her a lot as a lyricist. I think that’s probably one of the most heartbreaking songs I know.”